Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year eve 08!!

5,4,3,2,1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! set up waiting for my bro & his gf coming back from work !!
4.30pm-chill out !!man ~
around 45 minutes..we reached Genting Highland !on the way up to the hill..there are a small tiny rain falling down but luckily did not stand long !the environment was cover with a slide of mist ...its been a long time ago i saw tis kind of scene...really comfort me !!=)

[ hair looks funny !XDbut the wether really comfort]
there r around 5 plus up my bro`s frens..Mr.kent and his gf ..there r a pair of funny couple !laughter are spread around after we gather !we headed to a restaurant and have our dinner !after one bro & mr.kent went to casino...Girls..wad do we do ??we went to have a walk..
7.45 pm-Its time for concert !

[ticket ^^]
8.00pm-we are waiting mr.Leo Ku to appear on the stage!

[tis is the stage b4 the concert started]

[i`m waiting..]
8.20pm-yeah !concert started !!XD

[ u go ..enjoying]
Mr.Leo..he really did a great performance for us !!he focus on those slow songs that selected as ''golden songs'' randomly in his 30+album !it category as Slow songs ,Acoustic songs,80`s songs,and High[fast] songs!He spread the LOVE to us...I was faint for him !!lolx..its really ''lam''!!

he invited two guests in his concert !they are THERESA[cookies]& mr.Xiu Fei...they are under his company too !the most high performance was..when Leo feat wit mr.Xiu Fei...they dance around the stage !all of us are standing and shaking wit him !=)there are two times echo for us !at last the concert ended on 11.15 pm!!i feel so ''em shek dak''...he was really charming..i saw him in a near distance when he walk around below the stage !oh god !~haha...after the concert he have to fly back to Hong kong for the preparation on the 1st jan *Prize giving ceremony [music](i`m not sure about the title of the show )

Concert rate in year 08:
1..Avril lavigne [3.5/5]
3..Leo ku [4.5/5]
then we headed to the theme park !there are free entrance for us..=)
sat at a coffee shop and had our supper !waiting for the firecrackers...
[hi!!peace..HAPPY NEW YEAR2009] [ying.bro.Faye]
there are freaking cold in genting tat nite..yea~finally 12 am..boom boom boom..
[infront of the bright Merry-go-round]

fire crackers are going up the sky !wow..really nice ..its last for 10 to 15 minutes..over there was really crowded...all of them saids ''HAPPY NEW YEAR "to everyone there...then we went back to the Genting highland hotel to get our ''feet''haha...its time to home...when going through the way..there was really crowded..pushing here and there..even stuck tis situation i ''bang'' mr.lai and his bro&frens..!!lolx..looks funny talking in tis situation.. oppssy~there r jam !!stuck there around half an hour ..the car just started to move !going down the hill slowly..when i reached home its already 3am plus !extremetely tired even i lost my voice for screaming at the concert !

i wanna special thanks to my bro tat giving me a memorable and joyful eve !he really spend alot tat day ..!tis is the first time for me to countdown at Genting ! Thank you very much !muah..hehe..



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