Monday, January 26, 2009


Halo peoples..
how r u guys?..CNY is started !all of u get hot or excited?
i`m not really..maybe my mood will get high up tmr..!tis few days..i gt a lot of stuff to complete..! the time for me to drop here..!
yesterday went sunway again with some of my crony to have a great r they..[Grace.Rainbow.Mr.Nabi]
i get 500 bucks from my daddy !Hehex..i`m fucking tat high u know?!but i`m not tat bad ..used finish it!jux used half of it for my cny garments and some necessary...
once we reached..we went to sakae again !lolx..have my breakfast !then we start to shop!went Forever 21,Kitchen, Asian Avenue Esprit..etc
keep on back bone gonna ''patah''!XD
then we went to gasoline to had a tea time !=)
[here she is..the dead corpse]XD

after that continue...!lolx..i should thanks them for waiting me when i`m buying some stuff..!especially missy grace..!haha..she jux like a dead corpse...haha..she was half human half ghost !who call tis corpse went clubbing last nite...blek..luckily she din FFK me !lolx...but frankly..i had to say THANK YOU lar!=)and..i take back my words..''those clubbing gal is not gud!''lolx..i`m jux kidding wit Mr.nabi..''i`m not saying U ''haha..

around 8.30 we went back to serdang..had our lunch at mamak stall!chill there till 10..gonna back to my crib..i`m freaking tired !when i reached call me up ..i cant meet them !my dear miss gee i gone back Ns to have a short term holiday !i din forget about it !but i really lack of energy!anyway welcome back yor !meet up u guy next day ! fetching us again! he really crazy!he done a funny+insane joke..we went topman ..since he said he din buy any garment for cny!he said ''u choose lar''choose jor i will try and buy!!''then i choose for him and he really try and pay!me and him doesn`t realize tat
tat garment i choose was around 150 buck!haha..when he paid..he look at me and say WTF !haha=)but tat garments really nice and suit for him !anyway ..''happy then good lar''!!XD

drop till here !tmr i`m gonna wake up early and headed to my granny house !see u guys !bye @nites..


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