Thursday, January 22, 2009

welcome back !!=)

22-01-09,1.45 am
There are 5 hours and 45 mins..they are going to arrive in KLIA airport !=)
who r they ??XD they are my sis[Elaine],bro in law& babe Gordan!!
i had been an aged does not meet them !i`m missed them so much ...around two year we din meet up!
every years..they r jux two person back to m`sia..but tmr..a new member is going back wit them too !he is babe 6 months nephew..!tis is the first time i meet was it look ??i dun even know !wakaka..=P
presents..will get soon..hurray!=)anyway...i`m gonna sleep now..tmr 7 have to go to the airport..i`m excited man..!!hehe..
everyones in the earth....NITEX !!!


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