Monday, January 19, 2009

18-01-09 [wedding dinner]

18-01-09,Hee Loi Ton Restaurant,Kajang
This day is kit siang`s bro[Bill]&[Penny]the bride ,wedding ceremony!!
all of us jux like having a reunion day wit them..=)
6 sharp -Mr.leon &nico fetched me frommy house..and headed to nic`s house..!waiting luan shen &sher yi...

we chat along..i had a period of time dint meet them up...feel so excited &glad to meet up again!XP
7sharp...-Mr.Jonathan haven arrive to venue coz..he and his gang of frens getting back from Ts ..he went to make up [hair]..XD


we have to wait him to reach kajang..who knows they dunno the way to Kajang from ts..sound funny rite...
8 sharp-reached Hee Loi up them and get in to the hall !get prepared and say ''congratulation''to his bro !headed to the table and wait the wedding dinner to begin!


[our table]


8.30-the dinner began!
The dishes were not bad !..when the section of barracks..the crowd was shout out loud and in a duration..sound funny that mr.John was repeating the words...''yamm...yammmm...YAMMM...''X3
i used to laugh like hell !haha..first we was drinking red quite tough for me..but then Mr.John brings Martell..oh gods..they were crazy man...they jus look like in high spirit....some of them are slightly mellow..included me..*~*haha..

[lengzai Boo ,Faye,Nico]


[Four Girls here] [Cheerrrrr!!!]

[Boys gang ]
[Good drinker ,Antonio]XD

[ended..alll siao]

after the party ended...John`s gang are planned to have next round..going to have supper...but i din folow them..coz..i feel dizzy and gonna get back home early..once i reached home..when to toilet and make off..then straight to the bed..i was totaly lethargic!
Grace called me tat nite..but the next day ..i totally forgot wad we talk about..for 20 mins call...lolx..Sry yar..=P

*i have to thankx Mr.leon & Suh fetching me !Thanks a lot !=)


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