Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HaPPy Valentine !!<3

Happy Valentine People !=)
wanna know about my day on tis ?jux scoll down here..
actually i had a pretty nice plan on tis day !bt..i din use tis plan coz of some reason !but nevermind...the plan will continue next OUT!

Tis year valentine i`m gonna celebrate wit frens again !fortunately i`m not alone !=)followed up next plan wit [Shook ,Sm,Mr.chick,Mr.QMr.justin,Mr.kian yap]
when to Leisure have a pretty tea-time !chewing ppl`s business like no one there !we meet many Surians there!then headed back to sm`s crib again !she was busying wit her ''project ''lolx..!nothing special for us..having joke around &shotting !tat`s it !here r some pic..Justin Chong are the main starring of the day !

[Look!how crazy is he??gonna wash my eyes ]

[two dude gone insane !]=)

[really laugh my ass off]XD

[childhood gang here]

[Mr.kian yap !he was acting cute ]XD


[Tis is the first pic i take wit him as ''ji mui'' so long !but Blurrred..]=.=''

after we went out to have our dinner ,we return back to sm house..meet up JF!He jux OFF from his job !12.30 am we went wong kok again !To celebrate JF`s birthday !Btw ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY"to Kai lou[chick zai] !
*after today i wont go leisure for a month i think !haha..!

besides tat ..yesterday i went wedding dinner at KL area !Mr.FAtt gor & his loving once marrige ceremony !Congratulation to them !the bride was so gorgeous!! she really a 2009`s bride !she doesn`t wear on bridal grown ..she wear on a sharp blinggy black tube wit a high heel boots !can u imagine how glossy is she??=)moreover she was a part time singer too!she sang well !
*sry for late post !feel lazyyyyyy tis week !=)
thx for viewing !


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