Sunday, March 15, 2009

SPM result !

SPM is released today on 12 noon for my school !
woke up on 10.30 prepared,Ms.G [which just back from NS yesterday]picked me up on 11.00 ..headed to Tun hussien Onn,Mcd had our breakfast which one gang of blokes !!haha...long time din meet them !
12.30 headed to school..
OMG ..i feel like going to cry !!i`m nervous..i was shivering &my hand was shaking when taking my cert!at last ..i got an average result !but i feel Disappointed on my ENG & Maths!
Both of my bessie was feeling down and cried !i feel like crying also !=(
stay there around 1 hour..we headed to MV,the dude is [Faye,G,Nico,Leon,Nic,LS,Sher yi]
when to Italianese for lunch !then snooker..then shopping..around 8 back to serdang !went to Neilo cafe for a Kiat also !chewing ppl`s business for 2 hours plus..headed back home !
my day ended ! was very tiring and feeling not so gud..
i had disappointed daddy and even myself !T.T
no mood !


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