Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back !

Hey guys..i`m back to post again !i`m quite lil busy on tis week..coz my cousin bro get start in his different stage of life !He gonna be ppl`s Husband !Congratulation to them !
27/2-went to his house to have night party dinner''Han chan ''
28/2-my uncle tReats us dinner for fours table !coz he kena lottery again !when is my turn man ?>.<''!
1/2-when to my cousin bro house in the early morning then chit chat till noon back home to prepare for tonight dinner again at Hee Loi Ton!i`m getting fatter !>.<"haha..on tat night ,the aunty which named as ''Dai Kam Jie''..wow..she really a hot chick !i think she was on the stage of menopause!i think u can guess how old is she rite ?!
lolx...she can talks sings dances similiar wit those young gals..!summore she sang Superstarts(SHE),Dai YAt Zhi(KELLY),Satt Forr(Sammi)!she makes the surrouding to extreme!those young man dance wit her !lolx..=.=!is jus like a party not a Dinner!
Besides..i would like to say ''Happy Birthday '' to Mr.nic !wish all the best to him !coz he got everything now..no more dremas Rite?!haha..blekx..
Add on,i feel so blissful coz all my cousin back to m`sia !oh yar..gonna say Welcome back to them !=)Mr.Jason & Miki..both of them is my best of the best cousin !haha..love yar..
my elder sister gonna back to M`sia on tis following week..!hehex..hurray !all my family member are reunioned !=)
next..from tis months onwards,i will be training myself back to last moment which on scholling day!wake up on 7morning sleep on 1 !no more late night shift to me !!Fade away pls !hope tat i can do tat !
stop here !bye dude !=)
*i do took some photo on the dinner but i`m using my sis`s camera !no cable i cant transfer to my pc !so sry !*


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