Sunday, March 15, 2009

Registered !!

today..14-03-09...i was slightly different in my life !my tertiary study gonna start on 23 march !i had registered for A-level at Taylors...besides..the fees was quite unreasonable !=.=''but those lecturer and stuff was very polite and friendly !good job!=)
i miss my long term holiday i going to ended soon...oh..

after shook done her registeration too...we cope with Grace and Justin !headed to Mv again !first station..Zenmai Temaki Unagi was Ichiban !!lovely !haha...

then accompany Justin to the exhibition hall for Education fair !then shops around the MV!lolx..i brought a Tee from Zara..!one of sudden ..we meet Mun &JF too !6.30 headed to speedy to Que for the Jolin Album released today![An order from MUN]=.=..
Next we headed to Alexis..!had our night dinner !i ordered chicken escalope& hot chocolate..!nice..

these pics..are b4 we eat our dishes...we were so tiring & starving..

after tat ..gained energy..i started making fool on those spects!lolx..
and this guy joined me !XD

[ too hotttt!! ]



[ended pose]
after dinner we went back home..thx Justin for the ride !=)

reached home not even 10 mins..gonna go my granny gonna had party farewell for my sis going back to UK ,cousin bro going NS,&lil cousin bro buffday !wow..i`m fucking tired and spiritless..!sleepy..


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