Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gaga`s day !XD

went Pavilion today !(17-03-09)
with Gaga Gang..(Grace ,Faye,Kent)...

headed to Dragon-I for lunch..they were cried out ''starving ''along the way !after meal..then we went for shopping..!first we went to Roxy..i brought a bag which get 20% less !love it !!hehe..
[he look so funny,jux like lil kids]XD

then we when to sg.wang !''kelian''Mr.Gaga carried his lappy for whole day !Ms.Gaga 1(Grace )she said tat she wanan buy pencil case !me too!she brought me one !thx a lot !=)i will using all these things for college !=)

then we went back to Pav ,Starbucks !i promised kent tat he bring his laptop i will sing song at there loudly !haha....erm..i did it for a while..coz i feel shamed !!lots of ppl there..!blek!then its the time for us to camwholed...here are we !

after starbucks..kelly asked us to have lunch wit her while she had an hour break !so we went Pastamania !

then we went to some shop !we brought some glow sticks..i`m still wearing till now !Thx Kent for the glow stick and the ride !u r a super dude Gaga[k]...XD...

nitex every one !!stay tunned for next pose!


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