Sunday, March 15, 2009

A-Mei Star Tour Concert In Malaysia `09

20-03-09 [A-mei Star Tour Concert live in Malaysia `09]

wow..i`m going to attend tis concert on tis day !!haha..i`m so hectic man...!

although i brought rm 88 only which on the up hill there..lolx..but i feel tat HIGH u know!!!i`m going wit my sis and my aunty !act i give up tis concert already.. coz no one around me wanan watch tis concert !so ..fine..but then my sis said she wanan buy but too late..there are no more other price which i`m affortable..!so..88 is the best for me! she is the best singer among in Taiwan !she is one of my idol too !everytime i went to K-room..i`m sure tat her song was always selected by me !!
i`m waiting u A-mei !


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