Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 18th...=)

25-03-09,shi kian`s crib!
mr.kian vasked me to go his house for steamboat !around 5 reached kian crib after school...then we prepared for our steamboat since his parents and mine parents all oversea!here are the pics..lets view the pic as my explaniation!=)

one by one the guests were arrived..Jin Yi ,Suh,Jun sheng ,Kee Yang,&Kai Tian..
start ''makannnn''..our dinner !i was damn fulled !..but there were still a lot of makanan left..>.< color="#ff0000">of course we cant live without photo session !XD coz we really din meet for a period!especially ah suh..since prom night till now !=)here is his little doggy..named as Daisy !she is really quite lil doggy!

[in the car..bringing her to gai gai ]

around 10.30 pm..i was on the phone ..sudden all the light off ..i was surprise tat they held out a birthday cake for me wit singing birthday songs..i was so touching and nearly cried..haha..really thanks a lot !!

[smile so naturally ! XD]

around 11 back home..reached home..[gee,nico,&mr.nic]came to my crib !they brought me a cake also !lolx..we chat chat chat..wait till 12 am sharp we cut off the cut and singing the birthday songs again ! till 12 plus..they gonna back home..coz me and nic gt class and gee is working also ..!besides i really have to thanks them..nico came from ampang to serdang !i think she will be tiring..lolx..
went to sunway after my class with [Grace,Shook,Justin,Karen,&Gerald]!
reached Sunway around 5..then we headed to Red box straight away..

[dunno wad is happening??haha]

sing for 3 hours plus..i think less ppl sing on weekend..so they gave us extra time..!here are a lot of pics..all of us we singing crazily and even dancing at there..!>.<><
after tis session...part of them back to thier crib coz tmr still having classes..besides thankx to everyone for coming today..love uall a lottsss...they were very tiring esp Grace..lolxtoo bad..Nico and Angie cant make it today..but i understand..is okay !

then..time for yum cha ..!lolx..Mr.gerald fetch us to our ''old place'' 2004..haha..had a drink and supper there..chat till 12..back to crib ''oi oi''toooooo tired...!my day ended..=)
Really had to thanks them [Shi Kian,Choy yee,Shook ,Jin yi,Suh,Grace ,Justin ,Karen ,Boo,Gee,Nico,Nic]a lot..which make my birthday so memorable & fun.& also messages wishing..!
*to be continue !


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