Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taylors orientation!

23-03-09 ,TUCM
First day of college!!woke up on 6.00am..!my van reached on 6.30..reached taylor around 7.30!i was so sleepy..>.Grace and Set at Asian Cafe !after we ate our breakfast then we enter our campus..my feeling was like..very strange!but i feel excited as well...i wonder how is the style of studying in college !Tis Campus really unfamiliar to me !Had a talk inside the Mph for two hours..then informed to enter our class!i have to use the map given to me to search my class room up and down !btw..those frens were very friendly and polite !i`m happy to know them too !i have to Thanks Set wern coz she really help us alot..she bring us to Mph ,show us the class,library,around the campus& the importants.....
till today the second day of school..i still insomnia ..i wonder y !!haih..any way can make me to sleep well?..lolx..luckily shook same class and subject with me..so tat i wont feel bored and alone !Jux the 2nd day of school..i had to started my class..first subject economics..then Law...then thinking skills ..today missed out Socialogy coz i replaced by library and Ict (the web)briefing!but we still meet up the lecturer ..in my first impression..she is a serious teacher!and she said tat socialogy is a very very tough subject !Dun play play !!god..i was like ..>.<'' frightened !
all the lecturer were reminding us tat..u have to serious and pay attention !we are rushing our syllabus..June had exam for 1st semester !T.T..
today evening..my dad phoned me !he ask..how is ur school day..??coz i din meet him at all after my school started..!once he back home i already slept !no chance..i feel like funny..father-daughter communicate like tis !wakak...besides..my mum and sis had when for a 5D4N trip to thailand..i`m alone and bored at home after skul..bro and dad usually late home...god...i`m gonna mad soon..!
*i will be seldom post my blog and online nowadys...coz i was tired and busy on some coll stuff..sry..!take care everyone !


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