Friday, March 20, 2009

Last week of long term holidays...

Sry for abandoned my blog for so long..
coz i was quite busy wit my stuff..!act i had a few post to post !but nw i make it into one !easy and fast ..hehe..
finally my holiday ended fulfiled and realloy enjoyable !=)
NS dude(kian tact,leon ,jin fai )..all the best to u all !i really miss u guys a lot !i miss the laughther !!T.T'' enjoy the camp !!
Babe Gordan !....which is my nephew !he had backed to Uk wit my sis,bro in law !!two months time really ended so rapid..!jux like dreaming !!i miss babe a lotttt.....
my house sound so quite now !>.<'' i miss the babe smell also !i miss his lil cute face ,his funny movement ,his sounds!!!babe gordan ..we meet again next year o !take care !
Ah Mei Star Tour concert !!!i told u guys..i never ever watch a concert which so fucking high !u know wad..she sang for 3 hours and she had a big band musician which very professional from Taiwan,Singapore&Malaysia..and she had around 20+ dancers !the design of stage and backdrop was so decorative! she sang around 38 songs for us !all the ppl inside the bukit Jalil dorm was standing up shaking and waving thier hands and sing together !our expression makes her felt touched and she cried !she really a professional singer !!really worth to attend her concert !i`m waiting her next concert in Malaysia!haha...beside i woud like to thanks my Aunty May for treating us tis concert !=)


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