Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to high school =) went back to my high school....omg i was like so excited last night !
finally i can touch volleyball which i stopped playing for 4 months !=)besides i gonna take the deposit !
early on 11 am ,i was pretty sleeping on the bed miss nico wake me up for lunch =)then Leon pick me up on 12.30 ![leon curi curi come out from NS]lolx..wait for Gee and nic..2pm went to SEKOLAH SERI SURIA XD
here are the dude tat went back (me,gee,nico,nic,Leon,jinyi,gerald,sm,kiat)...after took our deposit then we headed to the field ..start our game...=)it was bright bright day ..huge sun above the sky..!hope tat i din turn dark lar...

The way to our school..feeling happy =)
Reached ...!!

we stay there till 5.30 pm..then we head back to gee`s crib for shower..take a rest ..7pm went to Calabria for our body muscle was feeling pain now..and i think tmr will becum worst..but anyway an ages dint feel tat pain ..i deserve it coz i LOVE volleyball..

Mr.justin come and join us for look smart with formal wear ! Thank you Gee for the present ..=)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

not oni oso share wit me the present..hehe..

Thursday, 23 April, 2009  

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