Thursday, April 9, 2009

stress week

Happy Birthday to Jin yi !!=)
my class ended on 3 i say b4 tis whole week is tat supid Lan everyday might be 3 pm end!then Shook ,sook peng(one of my collegue) and me when to library !Do u feel surprise tat Faye going to library ??do u hear b4??lolx..but for collegue life..library will be your 2nd home..!lolx..i`m doing the group presentation..which will present tmr..!Do as fast as many as we could coz..after tat i`m going to Calabia celebrating Jin yi bitthday !but anyhow..we cant rush finish..
5 pm meet up ah lai ..then we rush there..coz Mr.kian already called me few times chasing me..>.<>

9-04-09,lecture hall 2 ,TUMC

half dying wit die corpse faces..!reach taylor..forcing myself to study the theory..coz having quiz later..10% of exam..!after time to prepare for presentation..i`m in the group 6 which known as Lady Luck..haha.. group member..(meeni,angela,chi yee,slyvia,nikki,sook peng,Jo,khai xing,shook and me !)whole group of ladiesss...!=) i was very frighten and tension..!standing up on the stage infront of 120 students looking at u !tis is the first experience for me to speak to this number of ppl!i`m turn very cold and shivering away..luckily my presentation still okay !Thank for the supporters..=)

HAPPY BITHDAY to Suh Chin & William!!
will be celebrating wit Suh tmr..=) it the great day for me !!coz..TMR IS THE LAST DAY FOR MORAL !!!wth...i`m so excited !haha..
add on..Friday,Saturday &Sunday are having PC fair at Kl convention centre..!anyone interested?i`m going on saturday =)
stay tuned...=)


Blogger ahjoo said...

girl..2mr must go must go !! haha..ble:p

Friday, 10 April, 2009  

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