Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pc fair !

when to Pc fair with Grace and Jaynes last saturday !around 12 noon..grace came to my crib to pick me up then back to her crib !then we went to pick Jaynes to KLCC..really an ages din meet up Jaynes..Glad to hangout again !haha..miss her..=)

tis fair was so crowded ..even i wanna touch the notebook i have to turn my hand through the ppl !>.<
get all the price list then we leaved!it was so jam ...!!!arggs...went to Pavilion ..wen to Sakae for our late lunch and have some shops!

taken in the car..nothing to do neh..

then starbucks for and hour then we head back home !

thanks grace for the ride !i love her Myvi..
Sunday..i woke up in the early 6am bro and frens planned Jungle Trekking !hehe..i engaged them..(we are 8 pax)we went to Semenyih hill,somewhere near University of was awesome man..tis is the first time for me joining Jungle trekking !climbing the hill..grabbing the grass with the fresh air arounded me !sweat all the so challenging,.we used one an the half hour to the peak of the hill !the scenes was so green and fresh !i had stop training &doing excercise for 4 months..der~how lazy am i ??!!>.keep urself healthy !=)here are some pic tat taken by my bro..
back home on 11am..!so tired and sleepy ..
[pictures will updated soon ]
Sunday as usual is the Family day for me !we have our lunch then we plan to go Klcc again..but it was so damn stuck and the carpark was fulled !then daddy suggested to Low Yat Plaza to have a look!finally i brought my new lil Lappy..hurray !!!XD same price same promotion as the pc fair !>.<
i wonder y ppl love so much on tis fair?!

here is it..TADA...Toshiba Satellite M300-S411

Thanks a lot daddy....haha...damn happy !


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