Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LAN Exam..=(

29-04-05, First exam in A level..which is Lan (moral) !
i had to study for 6 hours b4 the exam...which usually my class goes on...there are exam on 3.30..from 6 am to 4.30pm ..i was so stress !!TIRED !argghh...we are using the Multi Purpose Hall man..lots of students..over hundred...luckily i gt experience when i`m high school ..finally ended..*smiling*
beside..i had be alone at home for 3 days..i was damn boring that left my doggy accompany me..Bro and daddy not tat early back home..mum and sis when to Thailand..Maggi mee is my dinner !..BORED BOred and bored...speechless..
furthermore..i miss my buddies..NICO & GEE....long time din meet and talks to them..i wonder are they fine??i think they will be busy when they started school soon..My beloved buddies enjoy the day left (holiday) dun play play o ..!=)
Tis coming friday ..we are going to celebrate Mr.Kian birthday ..!wish him Happy earlier Birthday nw..=)yea..we will chill tat day ..hope tat we have a lots of fun..and..And..AND the main is..SAT ..wad am i going to do ??haha..i`m going to watch WANG LEE HOM !!!!haha...i`m so excited..!cant wait anymore....!!!LOVE uuuuuu... test tmr or not??see first ..haha..lazy..i need rest !blek..
bye..take care evryone..!


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