Saturday, April 25, 2009



today i was fall asleep after skul..i dun even know which corner i left my phone..6 to 8 i slept...when i woke phone had 11 missed call..DERR...i totally forgotten tat i gt date wit Volleyball gang..lolx..sry..FFK !and i din turn up for Yum cha-ingwit leon them..god once again FFk..!SO sry to my dear buddies..!
then i had to do my hw ...btw i was online-ing also..>.<..having webcamwit my 2nd sister.. coz i long time din meet her&my nephew since they back to are the photo i taken ..
my sis was one of the IT ''genius'' !!lolx..she din even know how to webcam ppl..although she gt laptop for since N years...!!>.<'' i think their connection are very unsatify coz is so lacking..

i used to laugh like hell when i saw her ''blur''face..scracthing her head..lolx..

Hey hey baby r u ??muah....faster call me ''yi yi ''lar..

my siblings all are in my room..!XD

yeah..tmr friday le..!finally i wait till the last day of weekdays...can have fun !!hehe..

Hello pupil GUDNITE o


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