Saturday, April 25, 2009

Laugh my ass off..!boom boom shake shake~

hello FRIDAY Friday...friday...i LOVE Friday..!
ended class on 2 ...planned to chill out wit Grace and Belinda(my new fren)..they skipped malaysian study so they ended class on 1..!they when to have lunch &pool-ing while waiting for me..Thanks...then..start our plan..=)
firstly we went to sunway piramid for movie..we watched ''coming soon''wth...tis movie was okay for me..not really tat being scared !is just tat i was scared by who ''ghost''who sat beside me..!god..they scream like hell..lolx..whole cinema can heard them..!tis is the first time i feel tat syok..haha..especially Ms belinda !she almost cover all over her face wit her clothes..>.< haha..<>
erm..the rating of tis movie is 3.5/5..satified ! after the movie..
we went to KIM GARY for our lunch & have a drink..chatting about CHONG PAO PING the whole day !haha..tis is the title for us today..we really used to laugh the whole day ..
left on 6.30 pm..time for pasar malam..when to leisure mall pasar malam..walk for an hour plus..when to TAN CHAR HOUSE meet up Kent,Leslie,Small alex,&one of the guy forgotten ur name sry !sat for few hours..blowing water there...chewing ppl fats..lolx..

Eye bags and black eye circle is become serious =(

Here is Ms Belinda !

definetely laugh off..coz he said the pic look like GIRAFFA..haha..*look*

beside i wanna thanks Kent for the cake u gave me !=)& THank Grace for the ride..=)

Ps:act there r more pics but i have recieve from grace so jux posted !


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