Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kian birthday !

when to times square on 10.30 am..waiting to apply k-room..long Q..then have sing k session for 2 hours..when for bowling ..damn long din played bowling...miss it too,,=)
Nic & Faye
He call me to posted tis !
Bowling is the result !=)

then have some walk around..have a drink in between..then we left TS and headed to Nico`s house..Mahjong times and poker..laugh my ass off !!lolx..for replacing our times coz is still early for dinner..

Suh & Faye instructing me mahjong !!haha

7.30 reached Look out point Ampang..we booked for 18 pax !

we are (Faye,Gee,Nico,Nic,Jy,Shook,Suh,Choy yee,Shi kian ,weng Fai ,Edmund,Keith,Hon Sing, Gerald,Char gou,Zhen Zi,Kee yang )
haha..5 tables ready for us..!enjoyed our meal..chewing fats there..laughter all around...XD besides..tat stupid han ren called me by using*tat ppl`s phone *>.<>

Kian &Faye

Nico &Faye my beloved buddy (Gee,Nico,Faye)
Change Place !
After meal around 11..Nico planned to play snooker..then Me Gee Nic Nico Gerald when to fireball !after an hour headed back to crib =)


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