Sunday, May 17, 2009

outing steamboat+movie

Friday (15-05-09)
omg..tat stupid law test&econ make me feel the horror..headache is killing me all the way tis week !T.T anyway all of is FRIDAY lagi..Yeah =)is time for me to relax !!
my bro & sis planned to steamboat and watch movie tonight !when to Damansara Village Steamboat around 7 pm which located somewhere at Damansara..Tis steamboat was quite special ..those seafood we order were FRESH and Still ALive..when the portion was send to our still moving..lolx..
erm..the price is around Rm40 to 50 per pax...u will feel sweetness and freshness tat when u eat it..Delicious !*Thanks bro *

erm..dunno wad clam is tat ..huge..

Abalone slide and oysters

Dropping the Crabby to the pot !

*Prawns *

We took about two hours to finish up the meal..then we walked around the garden with animal it special ?!lolx..



*Greenish lizard*act nt lizard lar but i sudden forgotten wad is it the name..blek *brown *

then we headed to Sunway for movie..on 11.00pm..
Angels &Demons

Ron Howard
Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierfrancesco Favino,
Run Time:

This movie is quite satified for relevan about religion problem and some fact of history of Rome..!the rate for me is 4/5 !=) the direction of this movie is the pervious director of Da vinci Code...i think u guys will curious that how he wrote the path and the way he solve of the movie..

opps the movie is ended on 1.30 am+..tmr gt thinking skill class lagi..have to back school..=(

*I have to apologised tat the picture is not really clear which taken by my lousy mobile..*


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