Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday !!

wow..month of MAY in da house !!seriously tis month is the month of birthday !lots of birth in tis month !haha..there are Shi Kian ,Grace,Elwin,Luan Shen,Penny,Chin Hui,Babe Gordan,My mummy(act there are few more but i forgotten)..blek..sry..
Anyway i wish them HAPPY BIRTHDAY here..!!All the best !

Friday (8-05-09) after class went to pool wit Kian Tact since he back for two days from NS i din meet him up ..miss him..he looks different anyway ..lolx..while on 3 i have dated wit Grace..Planned to Mid Valley to celebrate her birthday coz i cant go on her birthday celebration..
after she drop off her frens Bel&Cheerie...unfortunately she had a collision wit the Benz...luckily it was not serious..but her new lil Myvi crashed on the bumper..thanks god nothing happen serious.!here are the pic

after we reached mid..we headed to Chillis have our lunch /dinner..we were so hungry..we order two portion but then is too much for us..wasted lolx..then we fool around..have some shopping..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bitchie!haha...

Night time ..i went yum cha wit Leon Nico Nic Luan Shen..since Nico yelling tat i always ffk today i must appear hehe..besides i would like to say WELcomE back Leon..finally u set free month passed so fast !!=)beside..i have a couple of month dint meet up Luan shen ..lolx..he turn charm =)Take Care..


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