Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spect mui =)

Here is Miss Faye wearing her spect-(spect mui ) .. actually wearing spect is a sad case for me..i was really unexpected that i gt short-sighted and *san kuang* 100 plus degree..but is just for my right eye..left eye is totally fine..i feel very dizzy and headache b4 that coz it cause inbalance of my eyes...anyway Thanks god that i dun nid 24 hours wearing.. u see my finger is wrapped??lolx..bad news lagi..usually i kept my finger nail long and polished..but then yesterday i slam the door of the Van to of sudden i hurt my finger and my nail is break in half..which mean half on my nail is gone!.it was freaking pain and hurt ! T.T

besides ,i`m just finished my slide show for tmr presentation..god..tiring..!god bless tmr i will done my presentation well..=)
Bye =)


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