Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random <3

webcam wit my sis and my babe Gordan..i miss him so much.. fast he growth..already 13 months..
he is so notti that keep taping the key board haha..Notti boy.=)

He change new hair style le..lolx..look smarter rite?XD
i curi some photo from the facebook..haha..( Bathing )-->naked

Babe Gordan:shame shame lar..cover my bird bird..haha..XD

u heart me..lolx..muackx...

yea..holidays passed one week already..left one more week.. i have to enjoy it as much lar..this whole week i will only get off from my slumber on the 12 sharp.lolx..what a marvellous HOliday..haha..

Do what i wan ..who cares..=P just similar wit last year holidays..lolx..memorable..wanna know what i crap in the holiday ??!haha..nothing special actually ..just having around..oh yea..i watched back this taiwan drama named ''Its started with a kiss'' ..guess what ?!i had watched this drama for seventh times..insane?!haha..but its truth.!

i love this drama so much ...the story line is so gud..i cant stop watching it..nothing can replace this drama..XD

The puppy is soooo cute..!

I love this part a lot ...lolx..that stupid tennis coach ride his bicycle and force his dog to follow him from his crib to the girl he admired which damn far journey ..see..LOvE is Borderless..haha..his expression is damn funny..

oh yea..Here is the video that my two retarded bessies singing those childhood songs while we are siting on the ''yiew yiew''!lolx..sound funny..haha..when we are having party at Nic`s crib!

P/s: erm..sorry for the quality of the video..just hear what are they singing...=)


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