Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taylor`s YED

3-06-09 ,wednesday....

After attented 4 hours class..there is my lunch time..finally.. TBS having a event which is Young Entrepreneure my frens had brought the coupons, and Grace ,Elwin(tarts),Bel,Cherrie,Willis were selling thier T-shirt in thier booth ..Supporting we jump there for half and hours..once i reach..i was surprise tat its really quite a similar wit my ex-school having FUN FAIR and vocational week which full of booths and people everywhere around wit a mess but its a quite big event approximately 30 booths above..lolx..ppl shouting their product ,chill around,..once i reached thier booth..they were like..*shouted*WONG FEI LI~ COME COME !!BUY BUY!! Very CHEAP CHEAP !!i only heard tat coz there is too noisy ..everyone get attention on us..omg..haha..especially tat Grace shout the loudest ..rm 15 for one last i brought...its quite nice the tee designed..since as for charity so its okay lar..anything....
here is the TEE..
erm..ada lagi lucky draw..

erm..there are a magnecting display and keychain..

Mr Willis..

Mr.elwin selling his lovely tarts..lolx..!

Soh Po Cherrie =)

see she is pulling ppl already ...lolx..



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