Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving On FaYe !=)

Faye have to stay at home for two weeks..coz her first term semester had just around the corner..Faye have to apologise to her buddies for rejecting them several times outing...i know u all will not believe tat i`m studying..haha..blek..but anyhow it will die soon if i still dun catch up..i had left out far apart !! sickness headling to me again..stupid bacteria and virus please Get OFF..!!i Hate u =.=..
here are the books that i have to study ..omg..that is killing me betul lar..>.<''
Before 8 pm..

On the midnight of 1am, saturday ..

other than that...dun worry my lil buddies..i will be set free soon coz i will be having 2 WEEKS holidays wakaka..wad a great news rite?!i`m waiting this day from an ages years i promised to them i will bring them to jungle trekking some day of it ..=)*happy*

okay ..Gambateh Faye..time flies very rapidly ..its time to sleep =)nitex everyone..=)


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