Sunday, June 14, 2009

CHill out wit buddies..

wake up on 6.30am..
as i promised to mr.kian...i will go jogging wit i really did it !XD *i
sleep late yesterday ,probably i will ffk*haha..[Kian,CY,JY,SHook,Faye ]went Bukit jalil for jog..see..wad a healthy life wakaka....around 9 we leaved and headed to somewhere around serdang eat for an hours plus..really ages din meet them..=)

Showing his LC faces..>.<' haha

night event..Mr.nic planned to have BBq in his house..i will never ffk today ..*coz yesterday already FFK them,if today din appear i think i will have a serious injure..haha*b4 we go nic crib..we went mines for snooker..Nico.Leon.Faye
[Nic,Gee,Nico,Leon ] started our bbq earlier was yelling there..she was hungry hungry and hungry ..his mum brought a lot of stuff backed for us.. really ThankS A LOT aunty !=) eating we are waiting kit sing`s gang come over..lolx..he late again..lolx..

At nic`s crib..this is his bro`s car (fairlady) wad a amazing car lol..*yeng*


Fairylady Vs RX8

here they are...late comers..

Mahjong time..lolx..1 am...head to home..thank for the ride nicole..=)

tiring day..sleepy now..Bye &nites Guys..=)*tigh*


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