Sunday, June 7, 2009

I miss Japan a lotss!

i`m eating snack while studying.,.without this i will sleep automatically..lolx..exam left 2 more days..god..but today i din study much ..coz i really cant stand for studying at home the whole week !i curi curi out to shop today ..hehe..who care`s..blek
oh yea..i really miss Japan a lot man..last year(08) around this month school holiday i went Japan for 12 days with my family (backpack)..omg..i damn love thier country !..ppl so polite (they are really helpful),thier foods is best ..Unagi !!!*saliva flowing out* ,clean and hightech all the way..i wanna go there again lar..!!Time flies rapidly year is gone !i wish i can have a nice trip after exam !!i`m still searching places..any nice places may introduce to me pls !!=)

This is the Japan Rail Pass..we travel aorund with this pass for 12 days dint pay any transport money..coz this is unlimited for transports( normal Train,Bus,Shinkansen)..anyone who wanna buy this pass u may get it at the agency of travel or Japan airport! is cheaper compare with buying ticket everyday !
here is me eating sushi ..yummy..really fresh..!

actually there are lots of photo..i really lazy to upload !lolx..sry !hehe..

my mummy and sis going trip again tmr..!god..lonely at home again !..erm..nothing much to blog lar...nothing special happen..Bored..buh-bye...


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