Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holiday ...XD


Hi guys...i`m shout out !!''I`m holiday now !'' is my last day of exam..Econs and Law....erm frankly i did quite badly in this semester...but...who cares..=P..i reliesed that A level is really not a last minute work..lolx..i had learn a course..>.<
after classmate and i hit to Sunway piramid to watch ''Drag me to HELL''..
its freaking nice and scared me !!haha..the rate is 3.5/5..its scared me few times..*shouted*haha..everyone of us were freaking hectic and frightened ,then we went Friday for dinner..erm..not much
after today..we had to meet up two weeks later ..Take Care guys and enjoy ur holidays..=)
reached home already 11..i have to apologised tat i ffk my buddies..for yum cha-ing..=P

next..these post below is few days b4 ..all of us scatching the book at Starbucks after class..lolx..
our lecturer..miss SAM..lolx..she look like scolding me..''focus lar'' &shut up..*scary*
Nicole..the most hardworking geh !
after an hours....
here look like this,..chatting around..>.<
Jen Yang..the noisier...haha..

Quinne..The laughter..

Discussing some man`s busines..lolx..!

Day ended..


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