Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 Jun 09

hey guys..i`m went back to Taylors today with Grace and Judy..!yea..Is JUDY Wan..surprise?!i think we din meet her for half years after SPM !really miss her so much!..
one week din step in Taylors already..went to AC meet Ah lai,choong yean, Sm,Kian Tact,Enn joo..while having our lunch ...the aim i back Taylors is to accompany Grace to resign her course which business foundation...she looks much more relax and freely after she had decided her decision..i really feel the envy..!!but i hope she really know whats she wants to study next !enjoy your holiday..=)
u know what?!..my 1st sem result was out !Its really terrible..yea i know when i`m taking the test !i already know what result i will get !i had prepared !forget about it..
okay..lets said something about today our routine.!after Grace had taken the form from TBS then we went to PJ campus..Jude bring us around her skul..Pj campus really much different from our campus..!i prefer our campus lo..!Then we headed to Sunway for some walk and drinking session in Starbucks!chewing fat there...lolx..stupid judy make me laugh crazily..!
next they planned to go my crib coz we feel no other places we interested and we are broke..!wakaka..Jude asked us that how to make up she wanted to learn !so on the spot ..Grace and I help her to make up !lolx..
Spot the different !=)sure we had cam whore ! friend forever..=) *i`m not les*

showing stupid faces !XD -Her favourite poses..!

here the babi join in !=)haha..JK

they leaved on 7 pm..coz Jude gt piano class..phiew !time passed so fast !
i dunno when can i meet her again..half year later ?lolx..
its really flash back what we did in high skul..she sit beside me for 2 years and we were same class for 3 years!.she just like my sister ..she cares me alot ,tuition for me b4 the exam,we always played crazily in class and we always stick tgt in class and laugh like hell (esp her laughter)!she always straight forward (she will always straight to the point and give comment in her view) this is her character!haha..anyway...hope we will meet soon !miss u =)
Thanks Grace for the ride for this two days..Its really funny when we were riding the way..dangerous??!no lar..just like roller coaster jek..so high!haha..=P babi driving is like that !u have affected me to say the word Babi lar..lolx..>.<''


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