Monday, June 22, 2009

Guess what guys...i went Mid Valley again!!..haha..last two days i just went ..=P Grace and i went to sing k and movie ''The Night At The Museum 2'' yea i know i`m outdated !haha..
but i really haven watch it ..XD erm..this movie just ''okay'' for me..actually nothing different with the previous episode..the rate for me is about 2.5/5!
we went Red box plus..u know what..its just rm 10 PLUS for 3 worth.!hehe..
but i`m broke now..!I brought a pair of flat again...from Vincci..
after movie..we went for steamboat at Yulek,cheras.some where i really not familiar with..haha and i had forgotten the restaurant name..>.<''
Jaynes and Wai Weng also engaged us for the dinner after thier class ended....really an ages din meet them up..=)
not much pictures today..coz...everyone said that they look are so ''chan''(tired)..but i curi snapped !=P haha..

we chat and spread the laughter while we
oh yea..H1N1 becoming serious now..hope everyone stay caution and beware for crowded places..
stay healthy..!


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