Sunday, June 28, 2009

My beloved Gang !haha..

Saturday ,27-06-09

Get my ass off from the slumber on the sharp 12 noon! went to have my lovely breakfast at equine with my lovely Grandpa and sis..! then headed back home decided to do exercise !haha..since holiday for two weeks ,my waist get round lagi !>.<''lolx..
for half an rang..
haha...stopped &forgotten the word exercise le !XD
i`m going out wit my beloved gang [Gee,Nico,Nic,Leon] to Mines...for snooker-ing !
but one of my beloved bessie din appear !>.<'' NICO Kiew ~''wanted''haha
so went for snooker skill was really sucks !lolx..even the crew there teached me how to use the cue and hit the ball !..Paiseh lar..
after around an hour half..some of them was crying out that they are very hungry !lolx..
then we headed to 21 Cafe somewhere around Kajang !first time being at the place..not bad !
surrounding is quite nice and night view provided summore !=) Its like a steak house !
Here the pictures..!

all of them are mumbling to me that they have many assigment going god..everyone busying wit the stuff..!hope so ..24 hours enuff for them..Gud luck guys !=)

add on to Nic..hope he get well soon !

p/s:i dun wanna hear the bad news ah !hahaXD



Blogger ahjoo said...

faye faye =p enjoyed yr holidays ar hahaha btw , i'm back =p

Sunday, 28 June, 2009  
Anonymous Faye said...

haha..thanks..u too !

Tuesday, 30 June, 2009  

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