Friday, June 26, 2009

Night lifestyle ended soon!

26-06-09,friday ,
when holiday started my slumber hour delay day after day..XD its change to the original of the holiday lifestyle in late night !but my holiday left 3 more days ..gonna say BUH-Bye very soon !my god..frankly i used to it so far..Thanks to my frens who fulfilled me for the 2 weeks holiday ..!=) about wad`s make me awake in the midnight hating to the nightmare lifestyle..!

yesterday night, i webcam-ed wit that stupid Judy for two hours + while she overnight at Grace`s crib..since now she having the holiday !i wonder why i can chat with her tat long..XD we web from 1 to 3.30 Am!=.=''
haha..i think u guys will think ,..i`m insane !beside ,we took those stupid pictures..really laugh my ass off !let show u guys some of our product..

CAUTION !its really ugly..anyone who tak boleh tahan please dun see...XD

SPOT our stupid Faces..lolx..


while that is my new hairstyle...damn short..anyway its just a new look =) i had dye my hair also ..first time dying..erm i think is golden dark brown..but frankly...its really a dark colour..haha..not really obviously..!it just can see under the light/sunlight!

look like this...*undersunlight*



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