Monday, June 29, 2009

收心养性 is the last day of my lovely holiday !!omfg..i feel like crying..T.T i have to struggle for two months more..u know what?! my trial is on the end of august ! From today onward its reallt the time for me to 收心养性 !!no more playing in class and have to chase chase chase !!i dun wanna get a terrible result again !i promised here !
To my classmate..:anyone seeing Faye playing in class,talking,not paying attention ..
pls give her a slap and scold her..!!
I feel sorry to my beloved buddies that i cant engage them for the trip !
i feel sad T.T'' its really busy after skul reopen !
so hope that u guys enjoy the trip much and much !
oh yea..the new timetable is outed !erm..i`m quite satisfied wit this timetable coz the period is nice !almost everyday i gt two hours break =) and as usual the Friday is ended on 2 pm !yeah !
besides..really Thanks for my fellow frens who fulfilled my 2 weeks holiday !Thanks a lot..!
becoz of u all ,the holidays full of colours..!=)
so i have to stop here..gonna clean up my room !its really super duper messy !
i get scolded by my mum for severals time..u guys know how lazy for those who know me XD!
buh-bye !
enjoy the life dudes !


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