Saturday, July 11, 2009

FaYe is Back =D

Hey guys ,sorry for neglecting my blog for few weeks ..
i`m quite busy wit my college stuff and i doesn`t have the mood to blog =P(LazY)..
yea..still remember the Shopaholic gang?!..[FaYe ,Grace,JaYnes ,JusTin]we get reunion last week..haha..ages dint get shop tgt !The babi Justin thousand years din appear infront of me..>.<''haha..finally i meet him up on saturday [4-07-09] !It was because this is a huge Day for Jaynes..!haha..Happy sexy 18 birthday for her !=) *Jayn, sry for delaying this post *
We went Pavillion to celebrate her birthday =)
Grace picked me up on 2.30 we headed to Pav ,then i went to Bread Talk for the birthday cake [Green tea Cake ]=) this is the present from Justin & I to the Birthday girl...hope Jayn will like it -as she adore Green tea so much !
meet them at Coffee Bean...then we have some shoppppp...coz Jayn wants to buy present for herself since she get ''ang pau ''rite?!haha..
Around 6 we went to La Bodega for dinner...ordered by Jaynes ..haha..
wow..i love the dishes there..Delicious.. =)
lets make the pics talks..
Here..the Birthday girl =)

my dinner !
Happy Birthday to u Jayn.........

we headed back home from Pav around 8 pm... once i step in my crib,my bro ask me to join them for dinner at Ampang?! i`m just back from AMPANG just now..=.='' nvm i engaged them also =)reached home around 10 i went for Yum Cha session wit my cousin sis & bro !chat for the whole day..i`m really exhausted..!laid on my slumber on 1 am....immediately slept !lolx..

*p/s: oi nabi where is the pic me and u ?! tooo much forget to take jor..=D*

The day of day ended like this..=)

Nice day but tiring...enjoy =)

bye dudes...

by FaYe


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