Sunday, July 26, 2009

Astro Quest Talent 09!

hey guys, is Saturday !! time for shopping =) since mega sale on ,i dint slack at home at all ! pocket money is just like water..!out-flowing that much !but i still gt a list of stuff to buy !T.T''..this Sat i went Mv lagi !haha..every month i will stepped in Mv for 2 to 3 times..!
erm..i just held there for 4 hours then i`m rushing back to my crib..stuff off all the things and went to Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium for attending Astro Quest Talent 09 !while i had promised Ee hong to attend =) coz she have free enterance ticket as a member of Janice`s fans club..that night Janice was the guest of the show !~Frankly ,i just watched for 3 last episode on the Tv !haha...
Yet i`m going to be a lil Fans there =Pi`m late for the show..while i reached already started..=P i had expected myself will be there on 7.30 but choice i already try my best ..!its really crowded as i thought !
it used up about 2 hours plus to complete the show !There are not only singing competition for the participants but also giving prize for Mv director and songs writter!there are quite pretty bored..!but anyhow i`m going to sit and wait for the result coming out !!Yet..i`m supporting Lau kai Fai =)He was really talented !He is the only one who sing Cantonese songs from the first competition to the end !he love to sing Eason Chan songs..omg..pretty good.!!
but unfortunately the result was different as i judged..disappoited result for me !i`m hoping Lau Kai Fai for the winner but who knows Min got it !i feel that its really unfair to Kai Fai ..on singing Janice songs..coz about the key problem !but anyway ..hope Kai fai will get some good news for us in Hong Kong..!we are hoping for the gud result !=)
here are some pics..i took ..Ticket for entrance =)

Janice !!she looks so ill..!she is sicked !

Yea..the final result is outed !!


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