Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro !

Happy Birthday Sam !!,my dear brother..
All the best to u !muacks..!=)
stay happy healthy & wealthy (u love the most) XD



Last few days, i was like feeling lack of confident to myself..because of ?!Dunno!
but today i feel better cause my frens are still around me !they din leave me alone..!=)
i`m so appreciated !XD
my best buddies are going to genting this weekends !but i`m not going..~!tooo bad !
hope they enjoy the MAX yea..
but without me not that syok rite?!wakaka..=p
nvm we have many chances waiting us..!

today i have 2 hours break...while the first hours i was eating wit my classmates at Carbana..
then as i had promise to mr duck meet him up today the next hour i meet him up at AC !
omg..he was surprising me..he looks thinner and tiring looks...
he was rushing his assigments,presentations, and etc..he left 30 mins for his lunch!
omg..kesian-nYa !
see life in college is really not easy as we think ..!
Thanks for taking up ur time to meet me..
I miss the moment when high school ..
every morning..i love to standing at the corridors for freshing up myself with the beautiful and fresh air (mist around)scene in my high school while i`m always the early bird !..
here are the pics of scene!

he will accompany me always memorable..

now i standing at the college corridors which the third ones accompany me ,feel so alone..!T.T''..*maybe face problem *=.=''

different condition now..different location ..different feeling ..different ppls..*sigh*

what to do goes on like this..!
yea gonna stop here..see u dudes..!=)


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