Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cyberjaya + Putrajaya

yeah hooo..~!is FRIDAY again !what a relax day when u heard FRIDAY !
everyone in my class were so excited and lazieeee..might not really concentrate in class..lolx..
even our lecturers loose the time for us =) *syok* usual my class ended on 2 pm..reached home around i reach home i jump into the car headed to Mines..for my lunch + snookering + as a fashion icon to help my cousin bro looks for his formal wear !haha..(perasan )=P*he is studying in Apiit..hope u like his new life there =)*
erm..its takes around few hours ..returned to my crib on 8 pm! while ,i have to rush and prepare myself coz i`m outing wit my buddies ..while is FRIDAY night leh ~!sure is for them XD
Pass nine thirty ,waiting nico & leon to reach gee`s crib..them we headed to EQUINE for drinking session ..sound funny right?!coz mines area and cheras area already bored try station 1,Equine . but we just sat there for half an hours then we planned to go Cyberjaya..!lolx..
doing what there?!lolx..we already rises to the next level in our life !!clubbing??!!nonono~~we went ''Carrr''-bing ! nico said !can i say as Lumba haram ?!lolx..

first time went to looks so cyber..RX-8 & Estima speeding up like nobody business with opened window and music turning ON loud..[gangster?!]!!lolx..*syok*we stop at one corner there which is dead road..nic start drifting..lolx..we act as racing official !XD
then..we went to putrajaya for night view !really comfortable and relaxed..chatting silently =)
headed to 7-evelen last session!..lets looks at the pics we took =)

Estima Vs Rx-8 ..both are ~~~!!Acting dead corpse..lolx..Peace 'V'My ji mui ~!Nic & Leon!

we are enjoying the night view..!

Putrajaya !!nice scenes...silently ~~

Two dumb-dee haha!!

last section..ended...time to back 1am..



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