Sunday, July 19, 2009

A usual is saturday ,move aways from the slumber after 12 noon..
went for breakfast wit my granny ..then sis and i plan to shop at MV which my 2nd home =)
reached there around 3 crowded once i stepped in !
who cares?! lets go head searching what a brand new stuff this week =)
act i dun plan to buy anything today just wants to have windown shop !i just wanna buy eye remover from ettusain and Gel eyeliner from maybeline..!but~~~~~~~~
ZARA is on SALE !!omg..tak boleh tahan le !3 sheets of 50 bucks gone today!
i went in there for 2 hours...imagine how many garmentS i grabbed ?! and out the fitting room !lolx..
i force myself not to buy !but i brought just a lil skirt !luckily i din bring my savings if not i may announce bankrupcy !XD

At night..when to Pistops for Yum cha cousin & frens..

the painting on the wall is quite cute..!its a nice place for chewing fats too !

but i perfer heritage`s gasoline !..i love the open air type !

My weekends ended like this !bye dudes..gudnitex..!muah !


besides..i wants to wish Bian Jie (siew mun )


all the best to her !stay pretty and charming always =)


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