Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I`m sick ~

hey guys..i`m sick like hell...its so suffer of this kinda normal symptoms...Fever(38.5),Cough,Flu and Headache ..,what a bad day for me..i was damn headache *i gonna crack my head* in the school..went back home and rest ..then i went to the doctor ..u know what ?!i had waited for an hour plus..=.=''so crowded and such a long head was that burn and gonna burst ..T.T'' finally i met the doctor..he gave me med and Two days i din go skul for this two days..i heard from my classmates..many of them are sicked like me..besides,i heard that SAM course already two classes quarantine in Taylors...OMFG..i was damn frightened..hope all of them get well soon included me..*sigH* even my bessie ..Gee and Nicole also sicked...take care guys..!!
here are the drugs i need..i HATE drugs..!!

i wear mask even at home..i dun wanna spread virus to others..*not comfortable and hot *

Special thanks to my Parents !thanks a lot !

p/s: Thanks guys who sending me msg for the concern..thanks for the caring...=)


besides,i`m gonna post this b4 12..coz today is RAINEY Tan Shook Ting`s big day..=)


so sorry that i cant celebrate wit u guys..i cant stand of the sick..

yea..i owe u somethings as u said...lolx..

Stay happy and wealthy!!


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