Monday, September 14, 2009


Hellooooooo guys..Are u all doing good?!its been a ages didnt up-to-blog...kinda miss the bloggy..sorry for my lazieness..=P
i have 2 good news to be share here..there are ;
1) MY TRIAL AS is OVER !!Wth..its damn excited..
2) I have 2 WEEKs holidays !!!!
this is the most desire when i`m suffereing for the stupid exam..i had been rotted &qurantine myself in the house..for 3 weeks..!No outing NO shopping No Drama and No entertainment ..
the days by days..i was that bored and aimless plus i feel alienation..besides..the most annoying is when i`m haven exam the following family had a huge quarrel..its really frustrated and tired for argueing other ppl`s matter which my sis named the ppls as ''orang kecil''(cantonese) haha..!..all of my family member are like dead-fish..everyday purely blacked sibling &i were so worry about my parents health ..cut it short..its all settle now..!=) this make my family members are more solidarity and even we learn a lesson in this quarrel..thanks to the ORANG KECIL !

Today is the last day of my trial exam which is sociology 12 from 8.30 to 10.00 am,..i was so excited today.haha..even planned to go somewhere after the papers !!hurrayyyyyyyyyy!~~its 10.00 am ! then SAM, SHOOk, and me went to Take-a-break for breakfast while waiting for Nicole !after 11 Sam and luyau went back to ipoh,..too bad..they din join us..after our meal then we planned to singk @sunway wit nicole and her frens...sing for 3 hours..Thanks to the boys who treats us...both of them have a great sound..they should go for singing competition..lolx..their Sp singing method damn funny..Chipmunks & high pitch !XD
laugh my ass off man.. really Thanks a lot !
my sibling and i went to Damansara again...had our dinner at Damasara Village..staying D`s area i think they will know this restaurant which eat steamboat ..its kinda well-known..i have been there for 2nd times..i`m trying my best to recognise the that i might bring my buddies go =)although the price is higher than others steamboat ..but its really worth..all the seafood its fresh & the soup is Herbal soup..its healthy meal..

crabby,prawns,fishes,abalones,and so on..

P/s: there are few post delayed..i`m waiting for nic to save me the pic..Tarc college volleyball tournament, Leon`s birthday&house celebration,peg`s birthday ,random pics...!=) SORRY for the delay..


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