Saturday, August 15, 2009

12-08-09 --Charity Fun

Yea ...its Taylor`s Main Campus`s turn to have Charity Fun..still remember the pervious post of TBS Charity Fun ?!any flash back shots?=)

Venue :Taylors` Main Campus
Time :9 am to 1 pm .
Booth : Manicure /French nails

As usual i step in the school on 7.30 am ...i saw ppls are preparing already ..and i was fooling around with my mates in cafeteria..lolx..actuallly i have class on 8am..but due to some reason my class had canceled !so we wait till 9am we moved to the Class G1 to start our business..=)
We are making Manicue business...which is Based colour =rm 10 ; French Nails = Rm 20 to 25 !..isn`t it cheap ?!where can u find..add on ..we are Professional punya !haha..i`m excluded ..=P these are the pictures i taken ..have a look..
its pretty different from high school is much more crowded and ppl are really full of passion on helping charity even lecturers..!

This is the broucher of my class..sticked everywhere aroud the campus..
they are part of my mates =) Kam-leng,Khai Xing ,Suk Qing,Josephine..
Its started to be crowded..i act as an receptionist /cashier...=p

Yea.. cute lil Terry..He wants his nails to be Pink .!acting cute lar !
Thanks for coming my booth =)
*look at his Tee*=.= come the Lala CK ..we helped him to painted his long finger nails also a display a.ka. our models of the day !XDFake ?!NO !!Its real ..he kept it that long !lolx..see..even our campus lecturer are that passion on this event..lolx..its a Game booth which used a tennis ball to hits the marks and makes the ppl to fall into the tangki wit full of water !
He looks charming XD

she is my Law`s lecturer,Ms.Margrett..with brilliant debate-ing skill ! business to us also !lolx..Thanks for suppporting to be *one-day* customers !!lolx..

Great and Fun

END by F.A.Y.E


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