Wednesday, August 19, 2009

special for Leon lim =)

*ehem*..hey people this post is special for one of my buddy name [Leon Lim Cheng Ann] is slightly over 12 am..means is 20-08-09 !which is his big day..i would like to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!=) now u finally legal !lil boy..haha..
although he looks that tall and firm..but he is the youngest among the members of my beloved gang..haha..but he is very mature & sporty lar..he just like my brother..same class wit me in high school for 2 years which we played everyday ,fool around ,lunch always together..outing always the 5 of us..add on..he is my bessie`s[nico] bf..haha..For sure we sayang him lar..XD..HE always be the LAUGHTER- maker !loves to joke around and fight with me !XD
anyway..wish he have a bright future..
happy &sweet the couple always !!
*stay charm and smile brightly always*Friendship never break !=)


besides..i`m gonna neglecting this blog after my trial exam which two weeks more later ..

there are several post delayed and will be updated after my exam ..!

wish me luck yea people =)



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