Monday, September 21, 2009

16-09-09,wednesday...MV lagi =P
early in the morning about 6.45 am,
i went out for jogging wit Fishy Suh & Bukit jalil..
long time din meet up my ex-classmates aka old frens= FISHY & SUH !Miss =)
wah...really an ages din smell such a fresh new air ! its smell sooooo Good....wakkaa..
sweat a lot..and feel so energized ..
after jog we sat at the swing chatting while swinging..
just like recalling our childhood memorises..lolx.. !
then went to pasar for our breakfast..
went back home for showering and continue our next plan..
move to MV =) which my 2nd home again wakkaa..
here is those pics which b4 outing..=)
once we reach Mv ..we headed to the cinema for'' 吓到笑''..the singapore`s movie !
the movie for me its just so-so..but story line quite okay !the rate is 3/5 !
we shop for few hours..three of them brought thier stuff..but how about i ?
no!i din even spend more that rm 50 !haha..pandai ?!
i said i gonna control myself..coz yestetday i spend alot le..
so today i`m not going to buy anything =)i did it !*happy*
i`m not affected by them ..=P
Then we went to PASTA ZENMAI for our dinner..
Shook`s portion

mine =)

Suh, Fishy,and Faye

then went back crib after our meal =)
thanks shook for the ride yea..
miss u guys..enjoy the holiday !


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