Friday, September 18, 2009

leon birthday eve

sorry everyone..this post is officially one month ago...erm.its regarding...
leon`s birthday eve..haha..
coz of i haven recieve those pics so i postpone the post ...
let recall back my memorise..=)
around 8.30pm nico fetch me from my crib and headed to Mines for secret recipe..
then wait for nic and gee arrive..
we din even send a notice to leon that we are going his house for celebrating his birthday ..
but we have spy in da house..wakkaa..his younger bro out too..
our movement are private and one share know..!=P
while waiting his bro to get ready for us..we wait inside da car...
we are more gan jiong than the birthday boy man..XD
capture some noob pic there =)

'' Get ready ''
the cake =) cheese choc..

look at his retarded faces ..haha
he was so surprise and touching that night..
we took a lotttttttsssssssssssss of picture that night but all are retarded..haha
feel so din post here ..

This is what the friendship will be...
Happy &Memorable DAY ~


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