Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girls in da house <3

went out wit the shopaholics..Grace &Jaynes..
the last outing for us was Jaynes`s birthday ..remember ?!
wow..times flies really fast..we met again this day...bcoz of both of thier parent were not at they are set FREE..what a good life without anybody control..XD rite guys?
we headed to Pavilion ..
went Madam Kwan for breakfast a.k.a Lunch .
Then..we have shopping times...
sure never forget of camwhole in da Toilet =P

Jaynes &Faye haha..look at Grace standing between us look so tiny !XD
yea..after the shopping stop at Se-tarbarkxx..
chill out there for an hour more..!
all os us were not enuff quota ($$)that not da much mood for shopping..
so after drinking decide to head back to Grace`s crib!have a rest and fool around there..!
The night session ,we went to shabu-shabu for our dinner..
somewhere around Kuchai Lama..
Wai weng tagged along wit us too !
showing out our pendicure !which one is mine?!
while waiting for our seats..!

the style of the baggy look so simiar..
Black is mine and brown is belongs to Grace !

Below is those pictures we took in Grace`s crib..
have a look at the webcam session..
*my ass was drop on the floor after taken those pics..!XD
lotts of pics..din show here...those noob and ugly faces..haha..but its fun !

another day ended like this =)


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