Monday, November 2, 2009


All of sudden i feel like writing something here for no reason..lolx..
just wanna express out some words..=P
i`m waiting the clock turn to 10.30 pm
then i gonna start to finish up my econs chapters by tonite..
i left four more chapters now...i`m anxious about it..
yea..this is the last two papers but it dragged for two weeks ..god...
frankly, i had lost my study mood lar !!
just now one of my frens said that they have planned to genting trip after exam..l
olz..sound excited !weeehhhee=)
yeah..i had planned to somewhere else too for my is still a *secret* hehe..
.This Friday i gonna watch THIS IS IT ..i heard some of them say this is really awesome..
so u guys dun miss out yea =)
i gonna stop blah-ing right now..haha..its time !!
i think most of u will get a pretty slumber tonight but its not for me ..
i got a feeling that tonight gonna be a late night o !!i wan my slumber too =.=''
anyhow just drank caffein to stay awake the whole night !!=P


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