Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morib (Pantai Lalang)+ Lover bridge

23-10-09,Morib trip =)
hi blog reborned now..Sorry for lack of post this month..probably a busy Oct month , i promised u guys that i will post MORIB post it by this week so here i done !
let me tell u the story route..=)
early da morning around 10am ..Nic& Gee picked me up and headed to Old Town for our breakfast and met up Nicole and Judy ..where is leon?! ohh he was busy on da morning ..after our breakfast we headed to Leon`s crib and went to Nic`s crib for mahjong and k-session first ..coz we decide afternoon around 3to 4 we only start our journey..its will be very hot and fuzzy burning if we reach there are noon time rite..! so..its time to prepare..all of us start to make up / set hair /haha..busy busy busy !!
look at this was JUdy wan ,she started to learn to make up loh..!Great ..
yea we are done now !!

Of course taking few shots will be more prefect XD
here are we !the girls..!Four of us now are together !what a Good time !

Nic drive Veel-Fire which his house new toys..haha..elegant and comfortable !

both brothers chatting non-stop through the journey..!
but what are the girls doing ?
sure we are keep on taking photo !

see she ignore me..just like a child !she is wondering when we gonna reach ?!

showing her Lc+ugly faces !!wakaka

Yeahh !!!!!!!!!!finally we reached Pantai lalang!
the whole journey took about 2 hours...its not that far !
Beach !!Love !Sunshine !!Water splash !Wind !Kite !Wave!

the Leon !
Jude N Faye

Gee N Faye
busying take photo !
Nicole N Faye (love this pic =))
Four of the sisters!

look..what a natural day !!windy and sunny !
acting poses !

haha..looks like photo shooting !

then we stay there for 2 hours..then we decided to head to' Lover bridge '!
and have our dinner there..!

the day ended like this !!=)
its so wonderful trip and i love the beach that much !
although this is not the first time i went there..
this places flash me very great memories..
from a lil kids my God-parents always bring me there !
just like 回到童年啊
thanks guys bring me there again! i wont forget this trip
ever eventhough is a short trip =)
thanks the photo from leon and nic and also for the ride !
held the Friendship last forever !sweet !muah !


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