Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bangsar outing !<3

hey guys..its outing post again =)
i was continuely outing once i was on the holiday..
so pls dun get bored on me of the outing post.. Missniico and Leon date me to bangsar and Mv ..we reached bangsar around 3.30 pm turn round and round for the car parking..=.='' finally we spotted and found a empty parking..phew..then we quickly rush in few shopps..dun waste our time..and babi nico cant wait to fill in her wardrobe..lolx..both of us are quite an ages din bump into those shops..excited..!
shop for 2 hours brought 3 pieces of garments and i,brought a heel..!
then we leaved and headed to Mv for dinner ..went chillis..!

Babi Leon

Nico& Faye

after out dinner then we headed to mines brewball for snooker!

actually we dated gee and nic for drinking session..
but its was too late after we went back home le !besides we are going to Morib beach tmr !yea...*excited *
my day ended =)


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