Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey people..Good morning..its 3.30am now..!yet i`m not in da slumber land yet..=.='' i was getting late and late recently especially this few days..its gone to 4.30 am and i`m still not in da slumber..i`m know its bad for my health ..seriously i`m sure if i`m getting this night mode all the way i will get a very serious sick and i`m killing my lovely brain cells..what going on to me..?!maybe i just feel that my holiday is gonna ended so i`m kinda miss it so much !tmr is the last day for me..after tmr my life gone back to normal again..again those systematic life..doing all the same things..damn bored rite !but no choice =.=''well one of the thing i have to say is that i`m gtoing to say a Huge Thank YOU to all my buddies who accompany me to fulfilled the holiday ! THANK YOU !im feeling so great that the two weeks holiday i had used up very sufficiently! next holiday its on NOvember !all the best to u u guys on Nov !Dun forget =)had a great deal with me ?!love u guys..=)!
Next post coming up will be MORIB TRIp !stay tuned~ Good nites !


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